Beware Of Bears “Epic Mega Jam”Game Jam (Unreal Engine 4)

This was an entry for the Epic Mega Jam, in which I created all of the art assets within the week long deadline. If you would like to play this project, follow the link in the title. From here I’ll detail a little of the process.

To help save on time I created a group of low poly assets using simplistic UV’s that were projected from the view and placed along a palette of colors including some gradients. Not only does this save time, but the simplistic style practically removes the worry of texture stretching or texel scale so assets could be scaled freely with little consequence.

For the level, I utilized vertex colors to paint textures on the static mesh assets that made up the physical level, then used the Unreal Landscape tool to build out the background. For a side scrolling project, I discovered rather quickly that having too much information leading up the foreground ends up making the screen look too cluttered. To circumvent this, I placed a sharp gradient dividing the middle ground from the foreground and placed some emissive, flattened objects closer to the screen to help sell the idea of being in a forest next to a lake. I think in hindsight, because the camera is set on one axis, I would have rather done this from the material and used maybe something based around the world position so I could control the gradient across all assets in the level and get rid of that subtle seam at the bottom.



Steam / Itch

On this project I did all the modeling, rigging, textures, materials, and animations.

Personally I learned a lot. It was a struggle to learn specific things about environment creation (proper lightmaps, optimizing for VR, environment creation process) as well as learning the unreal material editor in depth. However I walked away from it with a bunch of newfound knowledge that I was eager to utilize on my next project.



Your Cellphone Is Dead  (Game Maker)

For Low Rez Jam 2016

This was an experiment with obtuse game design. It's a game where the goal is attainable within a few seconds of playing, but the player can dig further and find other events. With the pixel art, it was fun to see just how much fidelity I could portray using only a screen resolution of 32x32 pixels.

The pixel part worked out nicely, but the "obtuse design" part didn't work quite as well as I'd have liked -- still, the project was completed and submitted, and I had a lot of fun with it.



Ashi Wash Jam Version (Unreal Engine 4)

For My First Game Jam 2016

This game was the first time using Unreal Engine 4 for all of us on the team. I personally worked on the design, some tool models, some environmental props, as well as creating/animating the giant disgusting foot, and the filth covering it.

The idea for the game came from Japanese mythology; The Ashiarai Yashiki, a giant foot yokai that crashes into peoples' homes and demands that they clean it or else it will smash everything up.

The game received recognition for being - well - a game about cleaning a giant disgusting foot. It was played and recorded on YouTube too many times to count. 


 For the month of April 2017, Ashi Wash was featured in the  Quai10 Espace Gaming  exhibition in Charleroi, Belgium.

For the month of April 2017, Ashi Wash was featured in the Quai10 Espace Gaming exhibition in Charleroi, Belgium.



Last Meal  (Unity)

For Potato Salad Jam

The first game project I worked on and completed. Last Meal was for the potato salad jam, and ran for about a month. The style of the game was a chunky, jagged pixel-like style with vibrant colors in 3d to give off an unnerving feeling as the styles and colors clash. For the game I created the logic, inventory systems, and all of the art assets present, while my friend Matt created the camera movement. This game enjoyed a decent bout of popularity through youtube.